Australian Livestock Imports

The purchase and import price of livestock from Australia is only a small part of the whole total cost which you will encounter when trying to get them to you. Some of the costs of livestock can be fixed, even if you order one or several, so this can be a much cheaper option of importing a larger order, instead of just a few. It’s always an excellent idea to combine your shipment with other farmers closer to you so you can make up the numbers to make it far cheaper to import, but there are other costs that you’ll need to consider and have to add to the final total of the shipment.

Australian Livestock ImportsYour responsibilities as a buyer or as the importer include:

  • Cost of Import and Health Permits
  • Faxing these to the exporter
  • Fees incurred at your airport
  • 100% payment before shipment occurs
  • Collection at the airport
  • Clearance of customs
  • Absolute responsibility of animals when they land
  • Animal Insurance
  • Inspection by quarantine on arrival
  • Clearing agent costs
  • Transport from the airport to farm

The cost of the livestock itself will depend on the breed, and bloodline you are after. Ensure you have photographs of the animals you are purchasing along with their pedigree papers if applicable.

You must also remember to look into the location of the exporter’s farm before purchase as Australia is huge and farms can be a very long way from an international airport. Australia is so big, that is advisable to seek out farms on the west coast as it is significantly closer than the eastern side.

The export agent is very important as they will be your eyes and ears on the other side of the world. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Vet instructions for the first treatment and final treatment
  • Certified inspection before the flight
  • Certified travelling crates
  • Export licence fee and processes applicable
  • Applicable audit processes
  • Export tag fees to Australian Department of Agriculture
  • Flight space and freight expenses

Make sure that you get an invoice that clearly states the amount to pay, as well as the T&Cs. You must allocate the time to make the payment arrangements via bank transfer. Western Union is quick but inadvisable and also hard to locate when dealing with very rural Australia. Once this has all been set, your export agent will book the flights and animal hotels if it’s not a direct flight. Last minute cancellations are sometimes unavoidable as some airlines will try to combine shipments to bring costs down. The flight should no more than 14 hours which includes a short stop, usually in Malaysia. You can get grooms which will look after the animals during their flight but the stopover usually includes an inspection anyway of your livestock so they are not needed.