Best Formats for Coffee Package Design

Choosing an attractive design for your coffee product packaging is essential, but looks aren’t the only thing you have to consider.

The packaging should be made to keep your coffee fresh for a longer time, because freshness has a direct impact on the taste of coffee. In addition, you must consider the practical aspect of the packaging, as it is a thing that we deal with every single day. It has to be easy to use if you want to keep customers happy. And as if that weren’t enough, it should be easy to put on the market’s shelves.

So, when you want to choose the design for your coffee packaging, you need to choose a type that is not just attractive, but also effective, comfortable and practical.

Common package design formats for coffee products

There are many different types of packaging for coffee, but the ones you need to look at are those with stand-up, airtight options. There are generally four models of pouch packaging that are commonly used today for coffee package design.

The first one of these models is the Doypack packaging, which is common and convenient. It is basically a can with a rounded bottom that allows it to nicely stand up no matter how much it weighs, with a flat top, and a zipper seal that allows it to be closed tightly. These features make the product stand out the shelf and give the consumer a good impression that it’s worth their money.

The second model is the side fold bag package design. It is one of the more traditional designs, and it is cost-efficient and easy to use. This is why most of the heavier retail packaging brands use this type of packaging. The side fold bag has straight lines that give it a distinctive, simple look. The bag doesn’t stand up well, but it feels solid when held. The bag can be closed by rolling up or folding over the top, then using a label or tin tie for sealing.

The third model is the quadro seal bag. This style is similar to the side fold bag, but there is a main        difference, which is having all four corners of the bag sealed. This makes the packaging look square, and a zipper can be easily integrated.

The last of the four models is the box pouch/flat bottom bag, which is the newest format. The box pouch resembles the quadro seal bag, but it is different because of its flat bottom. As the name suggests, it looks like a box, which makes it stand up perfectly and grants it better marketing possibilities. This model is also versatile; you can add a zipper closure, make different sizes, and create innovative designs.

If you are looking for a new package design for your coffee product, you can’t go wrong with one of these different types of pouch packaging.