Block Spam Messages: Verify your email address today

Wonder, how to deal with spam mails filling into your mail box! There are email service providers that do not provide with real time bounce replies to spam mails.

Building an email list for your online or offline business can garner you with various benefits. The greatest advantage in this case is your ability to grow your market presence in the online world.

Why it is important to verify email addresses?

Verifying an email address for its validity can be a tough task in hand. There are certain email service providers that do not cooperate with email verification process and could badly affect the way your businesses strive. provides their clients with better and easy option to verify email addresses and make job easier for you. In case they are unable to identify an email address, then it is marked as unknown in the database or non valid.

Privacy Policy

Email verification services at follows a strict policy when it is about keeping their client details confidential.

They ensure that none of their client data is shared with anyone other than their team of resources and follow strict privacy policy to ensure confidentiality of their users.

They make use of Log Files that has a default template in it to store details pertaining to IP address, type of browser, date or time at the time of logging, page referred or exit along with the number of clicks per page.

This way their team helps with identifying website traffic and how your product grows online.

Payment Policy

They have flexible payment option that you can select while you wish to check your email address.

Each package has their own benefit and offers you with services such as spam removal, failed and hard bounces and identifies other misspelled domains. Other than the pricing flexibility, user can also get additional credits that can help you with additional services.