Brett Fogle Serial Entrepreneur

Brett Fogle is not a new name when we talk about successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. People gets astonished to know that he started his very first business at the tender age of 7. And since then he has continued to grow without looking back. He has sold various retail businesses online and has been into the field of marketing 1999.

Brett is today known to be a successful real estate investor and a popular investor in the financial markets. He also a co-founder of Click and Grow Rich / Shark Style Business Seminars and is currently speaking about how to make money on the internet, on various online platforms.

He is also working as a CEO and a co-founder of Cydec Software. This is a well-known ecommerce and email marketing company which helps the individuals and business owners online by providing great sophisticated software and tools for enhancing the business.

Brett has proved to be a fabulous mentor and a coach for students all over the world especially in South Africa. To know more about Brett Fogle you may check his Google Plus page.