How well does CoiniWelt work for traders?

If you are thinking of beginning your trading career and looking for a reliable broker, then CoiniWelt is a perfect broker for you.

It is recommended for all those looking forward to stepping into the world of trading.

CoiniWelt is accessible to traders from across the world and it serves all your trading purpose well.

It is recommended to check the features of this broker to know about it in detail. Read on to find out if it is the perfect pick as a broker or not.

Security of funds

Whenever you sign up with a broker, one thing which concerns traders is the security of their funds.

CoiniWelt takes the right measures to ensure the safety of your funds and personal details with the right SSL protocols on the site.

As soon as you submit your information, the broker encrypts it. Also, the funds deposited in your account go into separate accounts.

So, it means that your funds and private details are safe with the broker.

Several categories of assets

The best thing about CoiniWelt is that it gives you access to a plethora of fiscal markets.

Right from stocks to forex currency pairs and several other commodities, you get access to invest your money in the assets you prefer.

It also gives you the facility to trade in bonds too. And if you don’t want to trade in CFDs, then you can trade ETFs.

The savings accounts

CoiniWelt offers you the feature of a savings account. When you sign up for a savings account, you get some percentage of profit on it.

However, there is a particular amount with which you have to sign up to open a savings account.

The minimum deposit of a savings account is $5000 which gives you a profit of 1.8%.

The most expensive savings account is the VIP account with a primary deposit of $50,000 and it offers you a profit of 3%.

The longer you maintain the balance in your account, the more profit you will make. So why not get the benefits of these accounts and start with your trading career.