Concept of Ironridge Global Partners

Ironridge is basically a global equity investor in companies like micro-cap. The transaction sizes of ironridge ranges from $250,000-$25 million each year. Majority of the companies who operate at global level seek for investment from ironridge only.

The dynamic company has always been debated for its wide investments it makes. It tends to bring a new life in debt exchanges by reviving them through the investments done. John C. Kirkland has been the managing director of ironridge global partners.


Whenever any company suffers temporary recession, ironridge global makes sure that it throws ample sum of money so as to revive the financial situation of the concerned organization. The funds imparted by us can be catalysts for the development of the companies. It can also lead to explosive growth and consolidation of the business in which investment has been made.

Ironridge global has been the investor of major companies like Advaxis and Biotechnology Company during the late December 2012. Despite of the company going into the tax selling season, the company did not fail to make investments. Resultantly, after two months the stock market was over 450% which ended up giving a tremendous boom to all the drowning companies.

Ironridge global partners help others to revive. However, it ensures that it makes investments only in those companies which have a scope of revival. In case any faults or failures occur from the side of the companies, it will be totally suffered by ironridge only.

It is only on the basis of sound decisions that the company is able to flourish. Although, it does not gets tremendous returns or credits because of the investments made. Yet it gets enough to survive well. is a site where you can find all the answers related to your finance and other queries. You can check the recent finance topics here to get your answers.