Digitalis CPD App: The Best Buddy of a Medical Health Professional

How busy the life of a medical health professional is, whether its a pharmacist, physician or a nurse, is only known to those who live it. We are so busy in our daily lives, and staying up-to-date is the biggest challenge that we face.

There are so many different sources to find information, with the Internet being one of them, but who is going to go through and look at all the new articles and journals published with such a busy schedule? For these kinds of people, the Digitalis CPD app is the one-stop shop where tons of information is complied.


Too Busy to Search?

This is the common excuse we make when we are not updated in the latest information and the other medical professional is. This is a lame excuse, and, being a medical professional, I can bet it is being used and heard so many times, it has lost its importance. The best thing that can ever occur to you is to get all the data compiled in one place like it is in the Digitalis CPD app.

A Blessing for Medical Heath Professionals

It has been years that medical professionals have waited for an app to be their best friend and do all the work they need to do, but can’t find time for. This app not only includes the latest journals and links to them, but you can also open the links and read them as well. It may considered your own medical newspaper, as all the new updates and new material is uploaded and linked via this app.

How to Operate it

This app is simple to download and operate as well. It’s less time consuming and features a simple, intuitive design. This app is the most innovative app for medical-related personnel and students as well.

On the main screen, there is “My CPD” where all the saved and starred documents you have marked are linked. Maybe the piece of info was valuable and was somehow related to your work. You can even store a pending article for you to continue later!

There is a mesh of all the links and external sources related to Digitalis that you can find info on, like Twitter, etc.

On “My Feed”, you will get the general discussions and Q&A section, as well. This section is interesting and will increase your knowledge. At the end, there is a “News and Journal” section.

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