Essex Power 100: List of The Most Powerful People In Essex

Essex is one of the most popular and most populous counties in East England. It is known to be a place with hidden treasures which is yet to be explored.

Many influential as well as powerful people from time to time have resided here and have been an inspiration for others in business and other fields.

In case you are interested in knowing about some of these most popular gems, you can always find them online by doing a bit of research.

Essex Power 100 is however a great place online to check where you can easily find an annual list of 100 most influential & powerful people who are either residing in Essex or were born in here.

Founded by Witham based businessman Lewis Drazen and managed by a brilliant team of Viktor Tokarev, Tina Hansen & Amara Khan, is one unique site where they publish the list of these people each year.

For this year, new list will be published on 27th of October 2017 which is powered by Walk Of Fame (UK). The complete Essex Power 100 list will also be published thereafter in 3 local news outlets of Essex.

You may be wondering about how the list is created? Well, the most comprehensive list of Essex Power 100 is created and governed by a consortium of 20 Essex businesses.

They solely govern the appointment of judges and the President (Nicholas Taylor for 2017-2018) for the particular year in which the list is to be made.

They also manage and supervise the complete judging process so that no mistake is made.