London Power 100: List of most influential people in London

In any society the presence of highly successful & influential people are able to create and exercise a wealth of power. These individuals can be industrialists, leaders, politicians and so on which are able to steer opinion and action towards the most positive possible outcomes in economic, social or cultural contexts.

These are the people who, one or the other; through position or personality, exercise that power which has a major influence on several events like innovating new ideas, how to restructure the economy and so on.

With significant economic and political changes taking place across the world these uncertain times mean finding new ways of promoting Britain on the world stage and defining the manner and that is when London Power 100 comes into limelight.

The British business community buzzing with established entrepreneurs and executives will be represented on the honor’s list of “London Power 100”.

The list will be featuring 100 prominent powerful people of London and Britain widely recognized for the services to the economy and industry.

The agenda of getting this list out is to know who they are; and what kind of impact they have made in the industry and how they have influence the economy. These 100 powerful people have made a significant mark in terms of inventions, the scale of their ambitions, and the genius of their solutions to problems that no one before them could solve.

This prominent list will be crafted by the most established lawyer named “Nicholoas Taylor”.  He will be looking after these noticeable names and will overlooking the judging process as well.

London Power 100 will show how London’s as well as Britan’s global Diplomats and Representatives will hold the key, in part, to unlocking a prosperous, culturally diverse and economically stable Britain is and it capable to compete with the best of the global partners.

London Power 100 was founded and established by a businessman named “Lewis Drazen” and since then there is no looking back after then. The team is ever growing however; the primary people in charge are Amara Khan, Tina Hansen and Viktor Tokarev.