Make a Marketing Mark with Cheap Printed Pens

Never underestimate the power of a pen or, for businessmen hoping to close a deal, the advertising prowess of cheap printed pens. The adage, “the pen is mightier than the sword”, is not just true in politics; it is a saying that is equally valuable in business. A pen is not just an important office supply businessmen need to take down names and numbers of potential clientele. When used wisely, pens may also be used to close a deal, advertise your company and services, and make your brand easier to remember.

printed pensand clocks with their brands emblazoned on them, keep them relevant to doctors and hospitals. Many companies have been using the appeal of cheap branded pens as giveaways for a long time, and time and again, the results have always been positive. Giving away cheap promotional pens to potential clients and partners sends two messages: one, “we care about your needs. Here’s something you might need today,” and two, “we are willing to invest time, effort, and resources to keep you satisfied. In fact, here’s an important office supply we know you use daily and we’re giving it away to you, for free.” The act of gift-giving, in business, is an effective means of connecting with people around you, and is as effective as giving a handshake.

Cheap branded pens and cheap printed pens are simple, lightweight, and very effective advertising tools. The cost for cheap promotional pens is lesser than traditional advertising, but their appeal lasts longer in people’s consciousness than TV ads do. According to press relations experts, give-aways that may be used daily can associate your brand or company with necessity and may subliminally encourage people to patronize your product. Cheap branded pens are also foolproof gifts; you can never go wrong with them. The chances of you offending a recipient with a free pen are next to none.

Other than being effective advertising implements, cheap printed pens and cheap promotional pens are ideal gifts all-year round. You can give them away when the head honcho of a potential partnership is celebrating his birthday, anniversary, or the founding of his company, or as a reward to loyal customers. Doing the former associates your business with ‘thoughtfulness’ and ‘care’, while the latter associates your brand with ‘surprise’, ‘reward’, or ‘success’. It goes without saying that the most effective marketing tools are often those that touch emotions.