The Best Ways To Start Making Money Through Your Blog

The popularity of internet blogs has grown almost unimaginably in the last few years, with virtually anyone with a passion or a voice being able to set up a site where they can share their unique opinions or talents with the world.

Though many blogs begin as a hobby or simply a bit of fun, as audiences grow, it becomes clear that there are opportunities for many bloggers across the world to start making some money for their online efforts.

Though there is a mountain of cash to be tapped in location independent online businesses, you do have to know the right ways to go about it.

Especially if you want to ditch the 9-to-5 job and work by living anywhere in the world, here are some of the key rules to follow to start making money through blogging.


Know Your Audience

In order to garner a large and dedicated following, you need to know exactly who your audience is so that you can hone your skills and cater directly to them in order to maintain and eventually increase your traffic.

Having a streamlined vision for your blog is also handy when it comes to attracting sponsors and advertisers, as they will immediately be able to see whether you would make a good fit for them.

Build Trust

It is important that you maintain a high level of integrity whilst you seek out the money-making side of your blog.

Do not, all of a sudden, stop producing the content that leads to building an audience through a blog in the first place in favor of publishing posts and sponsored content that does not necessarily fit with your demographic.

Your readers need to feel like they can trust you and they are you not going to sell them out with the first opportunity that you get.

Connect With Your Audience

Don’t turn in to a big corporate feeling machine that is inaccessible to fans. The charm of smaller, independent feeling blogs is that readers feel a close connection to the writer, and this can be achieved by keeping in contact via email, blog comments and all other forms of social media out there.

Don’t become distant and business-like as soon as some money starts to come through; don’t ever lose sight of the fact that you are only making some online income because you managed to amass a sizeable enough fan base to start with.

Be Transparent

According to John Spencer Ellis don’t ever make your audience feel as though you are being secretive about the real intentions and direction of your blog.

If you are publishing a sponsored post, make sure that you make it completely evident to them to keep a level of transparency that will please both your readers and your potential business partners. A successful blog finds the balance to keep readers and sponsors happy.

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