PCI DSS Affecting Call Recording

In today’s time most of the businesses accept card payments that too; over the phone and even record the calls in regulation with PCI DSS so as to make things easy and go smooth. But while doing so one should make sure that he cannot store any sensitive and important data in call recordings.


So, to ensure that no data is stored in call recording, you can simply switch off call recording. Although this will solve the problem of storing data in call records but you will have to compromise with many other benefits which are associated with call recording feature which are really important for a business.

Transferring your customer to some automated paying card processing solution can be another way of solving the problem but it is not at all a customer friendly way. You will also have to spend time and money as it will need significant integration that too with back end IT and even telephony systems.

There is a method called pause and resume method which can also be helpful. In this method you can use a system which will record all call leaving only sensitive authentication data. But this method is hard to robustly set up and is also hard to maintain when any future changes are needed in the organization.

Thus, keeping all things in mind; the best way to go with is to filter out all the sensitive data. This will make sure that all sensitive data is filtered out from the recording system and are not stored. You can easily do so by with CallGuard.

It is very helpful in such cases and helps you in doing business more effectively without any worries. With the help of CallGuard you are making your recording system simply PCI DSS compliance so that you can work without fear and worries and take your business to heights.