Planning The Use Of Pens With Logo

There is hardly any doubt about the popularity of pens with logo as advertising materials. Still, just because they are highly effective, it does not necessarily mean that these items can be used right away with the expectation that the needed results will automatically come in.

Just like other marketing materials, careful planning is needed when it comes to the use of pens with logo. Going out to purchase a bunch of well-designed pens with the intention of using them to promote a given business will hardly produce any significant result.

Ideally, before getting into the stage of buying the pens, a distribution plan has to be put into place. This plan has to identify several areas of interest like the target audience, the place and time where the promotional items are to be given away, the objective in distributing the items out, and the actual number of items set to be distributed. A few other areas may be considered depending on the extent and scope of the plan.


In this regard, it should be carefully noted that when it comes to the target audience, not everyone will actually like the idea of being given a free pen as a promotional item. This is one aspect of pens with logo that the marketing staff has to look into closely.

Obviously, this needs extensive marketing research with a view to determining if the use of pens as marketing tools will suit the needs of the business. If the research made concludes that other advertising materials will turn in better results, it is best to do away with the use of pens.

On the other hand, if promotional items like pens are likely to produce positive impressions among the target customers, the next step to consider is choosing the best means of distributing these. Normally, this will involve selecting an appropriate occasion or event and the place where this will be held.

In many cases, corporate events are ideal when it comes to executing the prepared distribution plan. In these special occasions, it is not uncommon to find various business representatives in attendance. These are perfect opportunities to give away promotional items as there is greater likelihood that that the needed impression will be made.

In conclusion, while the immense popularity of pens with logo will help a lot in effectively marketing a given business, there is still a need to identify if their use will actually benefit the business. As in the case with other advertising tools, pens also need to be used properly and not haphazardly.