Questions to ask when selecting and giving away promotional gifts

When it comes to catching the customer’s eye, grabbing their attention and retaining this interest, promotional gifts can really work incredibly well. Even though they tend to be fairly fun items, there is a good chance your choice of gift will get used by the recipient on a regular basis and always call to mind the name of the business.

promotional gifts

But in spite of the extensive advantages this marketing technique can bring, knowing which items to give away can be tricky. First and foremost, there is a wide range of potential gifts available, from promotional bags to personalised pens. Secondly, you will want to make sure your clients or customers will find a use for the item and not throw it away instantly.

Finally, there is the financial aspect of promotional gifts and whether they can return a favourable ROI. But in many respects, the term “speculate to accumulate” could not be more appropriate or applicable here.

Does the recipient need your gift?

Sounds fairly obvious, but this is the fundamental question you will need to ask when choosing a gift to give. You will want to pick something that will be genuinely useful or enhance the recipient’s daily routine.

It is little wonder why stationery is a perennially popular promotional item, as these items get used time and time again. But in today’s tech-orientated world, think about protective smartphone cases or power banks that can be used to charge mobile devices.

Will the recipient be happy to receive your gift?

You will know whether you have chosen the wrong gift if the recipient isn’t happy with it. To avoid this, you should opt for an item related to the business or your customers’ interests.

For example, a travel agent might want to give away promotional bags that can be used on holiday, while a golf club could hand out umbrellas on rainy days.

Can the gift be personalised or customised?

Most businesses will choose to display their name and company logo as well as contact details like a phone number or website address. To fit in with corporate branding, promotional gifts should also have a distinctive colour scheme too.

However, you might want to think outside of the box and get ultra-personal with your gifts. If clients and customers have bought a specific product, give them a specific gift that recognises this.

Is the gift good quality?

The last thing you want is a shoddy or substandard promotional gift, as this will reflect badly on the business and recipients may think your organisation is just as second-rate.

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Will your gift return a profit?

You might not be able to directly attribute a spike in sales with giving away promotional products, but there is no doubt this marketing activity will boost your organisation’s standing and reputation.

Look to the long-term with promotional gifts; reward existing clientele and encourage potential patrons to buy your products in order to enjoy prolonged prosperity.

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