Reuben Singh: An Inspirational Entrepreneur

If you have to reach the pinnacle of success in entrepreneurship, there can be no one else than Reuben Singh from whom you can get an inspiration on how to succeed in life starting from scratch.

Born into a wealthy family on September 20, 1976 in Manchester, UK, Reuben rose to meteoric success with his first entrepreneurship, Miss Attitude and later, alldayPA company, both of which became famous.  A chain of stores opened in the UK and very soon Reuben Singh mustered a capital of about £10 million.

Now, Reuben Singh stands upon a solid platform achieving honors that include being named by HM the Queen as a nation’s pioneer, invited to serve Government bodies and councils and receiving an honorary doctorate in Philosophy. His portrait, still hangs on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, which speaks volumes about the successful British Sikh entrepreneur.

Reuben attributes his success to his self confidence which has made him rise from very tough times, his tolerance and compassion, for his righteousness and above all, his faith upon God whom he tries to find within others. He believes that success comes from failures, and that is why through this website, he wants to share what he has learnt during his journey which started in a humble way and then rose to the pinnacle of success.

His advice to fellow enterpreneurs is to seek opinions from others, have self belief, and seek guidance from experienced industry experts who have no vested interest in the outcome you achieve. Nurturing the ethical values in life, which Reuben learned from his parents, he stands up against injustice and holds his flag of entrepreneurial success high, being committed to promote British entrepreneurship.

Reuben Singh is a successful man in life, from whom we should take inspiration in order to lead a path of life full of compassion and success.