The Best House for Buying Metals Online

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Here you will find industry specialists helping you with valuable advice which could provide you with the best solutions in buying metals that are tailor made to your requirements. The items on which we deliver the best quality and at the best price, include:

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet which is used for construction parts, drain pipes, domestic appliances and electrical goods.
  • Spangled Steel Sheet which is galvanized and available in large and bright sheets for use as arts exhibits and decorative applications.
  • Sintec (EZ) Steel Sheet for air conditioning, white goods, powder coating and automotive purposes.
  • Gold Reduced Sheet made of high quality metal that is in high demand for bathtubs, furniture, boilers and home appliances.
  • Oiled and Pickled Steel Sheet which is hot rolled and used for radiators, furniture, powder coating and home appliances.

You can also order online for Magnetic Boards, Aluminum Tread plate, Stainless Steel Sheet, Wire Mesh, Corten Steel and Copper and Brass Sheet. The advantage you get when you order with buy metal online, is that we help you with cutting service for any length and type of sheet, free of cost and 5% discount on your first order.

What else we offer is standard delivery, free on orders over £100. We specialize in powder coated sheets made of high quality steel which are available in three finishes and in a range of colors.

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We deliver metal sheets of steel, zinc and Corten that are galvanized or rolled across a number of industry verticals that include Universities, Panel Beaters, machine Shops, Car Repair, Hotels, Hospitals and other sectors. Order with us for all your requirements in metals and get assured of the best quality delivered right at your place.