Tips for buying portable projector: Things to check before you buy

Projectors have a tremendous utility in education, businesses and home theater systems. There are multiple kinds of projector technologies available in the market amongst which top three include;

  • digital light processing
  • liquid silicon and digital projectors
  • ‘liquid crystal display

Projectors undauntedly enhance the overall appearances of the movies, projects and sporting events. They are used far and wide by maximum of the professional organizations that need to hold meetings every now and then. A laptop screen is simply insufficient for the viewers to note and understand every point written over it. The presentations and proposals must be specifically displayed over Portable projector for laptop so that one can have a look at the presentation anytime and anywhere.

 projectorThe portable projector for laptops gives you a complete freedom to organize those wired projectors that are full of hassles. These kinds of projectors help one to arrange the meetings literally at any place. They can be made to focus upon plain surfaces so that every single detailing can be viewed. While buying a projector, you need to consider various things such as size, cost, and portability, feature, and technology. A proper amalgamation of all these is utmost important to fulfill your requirement lapping with being budget savvy. Let’s consider the following few tip:

The home theater projectors

Various people state that their usual television screens are insufficient for them. They need to have wider screens so that they can have a complete fun while watching televise. Buying a massive sized LCD screen televisions is something that can be really costly. LCD screens are still not affordable for an average person and the situation worsens when one desire having a larger LCD screen. However, with 3m portable projector, one can experience the fun of watching televise on a big screen without burning a hole in the pocket.

The portable projector can be made to fit at any corner of the home. It just needs televisions or a laptop to be there for working. The 3m portable projector is known to deliver HD quality video over your walls. There are uncountable options for buying a projector for home theater; hence it would be better if you simplify your searching procedure. The shoppers must look forwards for certain basic features for sure.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio basically refers to the rectangular shape of the video displayed. A normal television is known to have a screen ratio of 4:3 which simply means that the displayed video shall be 4 units wide and 3 units high. Home theater projectors tend to come up with native aspect ratios of 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3. The aspect ratio is determined according to the chip installed within the projector.


Pocket projector tend to range vary according to their resolutions. The term resolution basically refers to the number of pixels does the created by the image. The resolution is basically represented by two numbers that tend to include 1280x 800. The former number indicates the horizontal number of pixels while the latter represents the vertical number of pixels present in the image. At times, the pixels are stated using one single number only. That particular number is an indicative value of the progression scan and the vertical value. For instance; if a particular commodity has a resolution of 1080p then 1080 shall be vertical indicative value and P shall be the progression value. Some of the most common resolutions for the home theaters tend to include 1920x 1080, 1280×768, 1280×720 mega pixels.


Brightness of all kinds of projectors is measured in terms of lumens. Lumens tend to project how well shall be the images get projected in a room which is well lit. The enhanced numbers of lumens are there, the better shall be the images projected in a room with ample lighting. Home theater projectors are normally used in dim lights because of which they come with lower numbers of lumens. However, if you are resorting for a Mini portable projector, then there is a possibility for you to view movies in it n open areas with lot of lights. Hence, you must ensure that the brightness of the bought projector is at least more than 1000 lumens.