Top five PVC banner uses

If you’re looking for quality, you’ve come to the right place. All our PVC Banners are printed at 1440dpi with slow scan speed and high passes. All of our printers run on full solvent inks to give the best durability for UV protection. With over 12 years of experience manufacturing signs & banners we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the quality and outstanding service we pride ourselves with. Here is a list of our top ten uses for out PVC banners:

PVC bannerA PVC Banner for your wife’s birthday (Age Included)

Letting the whole town know about your missus hitting 40 may be embarrassing for her, but it will impress all of her friends and the town when they see a professional banner adoring the safety railings throughout the high street.

A Pub Opening

A PVC banner to celebrate a pub opening is a great looking thing to hang over the entrance when the ribbon is cut, and it’s a great way to advertise to passers-by too. Printing for pubs is very common with HFE signs, and pubs are regular customers to us as we are easily accessible to pubs.

A PVC banner for Temporary Signage

An alternative to an expensive sign which you may not need for a long time anyway. Temporary signage is inexpensive and extremely quick to install. Businesses are the biggest purchaser of these cheap and cheerful advertisements which don’t need to hang around long before they’ve served their purpose. Temporary signage can also get around planning permission rules and regulations in most cases too.

Most displays can avoid planning permission by being under .6 square meters. You must ensure though, that they are clean and tidy, kept in a safe condition and not liable to fall, have the permission of the land owner to be erected, not obscuring any part of the highway, railway, or river. Do check with your local council too, as the rules may vary between local boroughs too.

Banners for schools

Many schools display their OFSTED results outside when the results come in. It is a great advertisement to parents who are researching the best ones in the area, and nothing says quality like displaying the proof on an attractive banner outside the school.

Church Banners

Banners for churches are very popular as they are always being used for different events throughout the year in the local community. Adding sponsorship to the banners is also a great way to spread the name of your company without being too obvious but at the same time helping a charitable cause.

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