What is android mirroring all about?

If you are fond of operating social networking sites on a big screen then using mobizen android mirroring is something for which you must go. The app allows one to access all sorts of apps and files stored in the mobile over the large screen. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection or USB cable.

android mirroring

However, in case you are planning to play games using the bigger screen, then mobizen may disappoint you. The app is specifically meant for net surfing and accessing social networking apps and not for game play.

The best part of mobizen android mirroring app is that it is free to download. The easy setup of the app allows one to access it right after it is downloaded. The basic settings of the app are dependent upon the device manufacturer. Users might be required to download engine apps for complimenting the setup of this particular app.

After one downloads the engine app, one requires registering by choosing the desired email address and setting a connection password. In case you have Mac laptops then make sure that you download the Mac app.

If you choose to connect through a wifi network then you must make sure that your computer and mobile are on the same network. In case they are on different networks then you must aim at using a USB cable. As soon as you finish downloading the app in your computer, you can simply open it and enter the connection password that has been previously entered by you in the mobile app.

There are certain shortcuts hinted throughout the user experience. One shall notice the topmost bar illuminating for revealing few feature options such as:

  • taking screenshots
  • ¬†beginning up with the screen recording
  • ¬†handwriting over the screen
  • Browsing the device files and visiting the settings of distinct applications