What Is Membership Software?

Membership software is also called association management system. It is nothing but a computer software that provides different clubs, associations and membership organizations with the functionality that they are to provide their different services to their members.

The software is very high in demand and has very wide range of use.

What It Includes?

The few things that it includes are the following:

  1. It stores and edits the information of the members in the database.
  2. Creates, renews, upgrades and downgrades memberships.
  3. Communicates with the members by social media, email, telephone or post.

The diverse needs and structures of the Membership organizations are reflected in the additional features of membership software and these are:

  1. Includes selling and organizing of tickets either for an event or a series of events.
  2. Also includes the publishing and delivering either a textual or audio-visual content.
  3. It provides advertising opportunities by listings or targeted placements.
  4. It Facilitates the interaction and the collaborative file sharing between different members.
  5. It also includes tracking the interests of the members and the activity to provide relevant services.

It raises supplementary income from the donations.

Membership software, same as all the other modern software, was initially made as a desktop software, and then it evolved into a website-based software delivered from a web server, and currently delivered as service software.

At the beginning, it was developed as desktop software and in the intermediate stages, it was a website based software, under the stages of its development, The Membership software was also combined with a separate public-facing website, that the members used to contact each other (like purchase content, subscribe, book events, advertise, post different discusses and upload different files).

These all developments made compulsory complex integrations between control management systems and proprietary membership software databases.Nowadays the  software also integrates all the basic characteristics of a content management system, for providing a single coherent interface for the administrators and the members. This software is available as standalone or as plugins to the popular open source content management systems.

The different clubs and even the smallest organizations also make their own ecosystem of services so that they could provide the same functionality that the membership software provides. They all are doing this by using spreadsheet software or generic database, and adding on the external options as they need them (e.g.  online payments, event registration or email newsletters).

The membership software market spans the rest of the industry, from very small organizations, having less resources, to those giant national and international organizations that are renown, to the different association management organizations that manages many different associations using only one product.  Many different products are available with a wide variety of many open source projects and commercial providers.

The membership software has a wide range of uses, but there are many instances in which it requires different membership levels. The access levels are constructed in a pyramidal form, so that each access level has the access to the earlier access levels.