What is telemarketing and what are its benefits?

Telemarketing or otherwise familiarly known as inside sales is a technique of direct marketing on advertising products through phone or video conferencing. The term telemarketing was used widely in the late 1970s and was done by hiring switchboard operators commonly ladies.

telemarketingThe goal of telemarketing is to reach the public eye on the products they offer to sell. Inside sales is a great network of telemarketers who join hands-on influencing consumers and promoting products.

They also concentrate and deal with yielding up business and establishing sales as well as accumulating marketing data. Telemarketing can be cool and functional with felicitous telemarketers who supplicate likely patrons to purchase the offered commodity or services by them.

There are two main categories of telemarketing such as:

A) Business To Business or outbound telemarketing

Telemarketers, commence the call to the customer, making use of technology such as predictive dialers.

B) Business To Consumer or inbound telemarketing

Representatives answer questions, gather data, and process deals from calls that are being received by the call center.

What are the benefits offered by Telemarketing

SELLING: Telemarketing can either eke out or restore mutual selling to its customers

LEAD GENERATION: Through telemarketing, a company can compile build and update quotation of patrons focus on products and also fulfill the search for sales influence and makes business easy

GATHERING INFORMATION: Telemarketing gives access to appropriate details on promoting goods which the customers are keen to purchase and helps in connecting customers and vendors

IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE: No matter in which industry you are in, perfect customer services may be provided according to the customer’s requirements through an Industrial Marketing Company that uses telemarketing as a tool to promote the businesses globally.


●       Delivers a more comfortable intellectual and individual sale services

●       Designs on the spot mutual trust with your patrons

●       Construes technical issues with ease

●       Generates business deals and appointments

●       Selling is made simply possible from long distance to widen your sales territory

●       Attracts more customers

●       Succeed  in obtaining results that are measurable

Telemarketing is a profitable way of advertising and pulls in new customers through innovative speech to purchase and try new products.