What Kind of Envelopes Can a Printing Broker Provide to Businesses

Printing brokers can provide a wide range of products to their clients ranging from business cards to variable content documents. However, today we decided to go into details about a specific product that they offer, envelopes.

Business envelopes

There are 3 main envelope categories

Business envelopes come in 3 main categories :

  • Correspondence envelopes are like their name implies, for mailing letters.
  • Window envelopes are mostly used for documents, such as statements, cheques and invoices.
  • Brochures or catalogue envelopes are made for mailing large format documents.

Business envelopes come in many formats

Great printing brokers can also offer envelopes from the 3 categories mentioned above in various formats so you are sure to find one that will suit the documents that you want to send. Here is a quick rundown of the ones you can expect to be available at one of your local printing brokers near you :

  • Correspondence envelopes come in 6 ½’’ X 3 5/8’’, 9’’ X 4’’ and 9 ½’’ X 4 1/8’’ formats.
  • Regular window envelopes come in 8 7/8’’ X 3 7/8’’ and 9 ½’’ X 4 1/8’’ formats.
  • Brochure envelopes come in 9’’ X 5 7/8’’ and 12’’ X 9’’ formats.
  • Window brochure envelopes come in 9’’ X 5 7/8’’, 9 ½’’ X 5 ¾’’ and 12’’ X 9’’ formats.
  • Catalogue envelopes come in 9’’ X 5 7/8’’, 12’’ X 9’’ and 13’’ X 10’’ formats.
  • No EH7014R 2 window envelopes come in the 9’’ X 4’’ format.

Which types of paper are used to create business envelopes?

Business envelopes are made out of various types of paper. Commonly used paper in envelope manufacturing include 24 lb and 32 lb natural recycled Kraft, 24 lb brown Kraft, 32 lb white Kraft and 24 lb white vellum.

Other interesting things to know about these envelopes

Most printing brokers will also allow you to add options to your envelopes such as a self-stick flap, an eyelet closure, a special window format or making it compatible with mailing machines.

You can also choose to print on the front, the back and the full surface of your envelopes.

This concludes our article on the kind of envelopes that a printing broker can provide your business with. We hope that reading it has made you aware that choosing the right envelopes for your business is not as simple as it seems. This is why we strongly suggest to discuss your needs with a quality printing broker. Their sales representatives are highly knowledgeable and will help you find the best products according to your need and your budget.