When You Want To Merge Accounts In Salesforce

Salesforce is not a difficult system. You can learn it in a matter of days only, if you really want to be able to make the most out of it in your job. However, there are little tips and tricks you need to be aware of in order to avoid messing up your database.


For instance, if you want to merge accounts in Salesforce, you have to know very well what data is going to be transferred to the final account, so that you avoid losing important information about that contact.

Tutorial On How To Merge Accounts In Salesforce

First of all, you need to know that merging accounts is needed in order to maintain the accuracy of your database. If two or more employees create a new account for the same contact, but using slightly different names, you are going to end up with two or more recordings which represent in fact the same company or individual. These contacts need to be merged, so that only one of them remains. However, you have to make sure all sensitive data in going to be migrated to this contact.

In order to merge accounts in Salesforce, you need to have the appropriate permissions. Only administrators, account owners or users above the account owner have the permission to merge accounts in Salesforce. This is a good measure against mistakes of people who have no connection with the accounts they believe should be merged.

The first thing to do for merging those contacts is to define a Master Record. This one is going to stay while all other instances are going to be deleted. This record is going to display the creation date of the oldest of the original accounts. Moreover, it is going to be assigned to the division of the Master Record. This is why you have to choose wisely your Master Record, otherwise you are going to need more work in order to have all the things right.

The resulting account is going to have all territories of the original accounts, as well as the rules that have been used when initially created. For instance, if one of the territories was manually assigned to its account, it is going to have this property preserved into the new account as well, even though this migration is going to be automatic.

By merging two or more accounts, their memberships in various groups are also going to be merged. The final account is going to have all permissions, affiliations and properties of the original recordings.

Other than that, when you are sure you have all information right, you can merge the accounts by simply using the Merge command. The Master Record in going to be preserved in the database, while all others are going to be moved to Recycle Bin.

This operation has to be performed on regular basis, in order to secure a good accuracy of your database. This is going to be in the benefit of the entire organization, as everyone is going to have access to the latest information about all your contacts.