Why using a legal case management software is so important

Before we even begin to get into the main topic of this article (why using a legal case management software is so important) we must first ask ourselves what kind of practice and law firm am I running and what are my goals for this firm? Is my goal simply to keep the firm at a stagnant pace of growth or is it looking to explode into multiple new channels of revenue?




Well do I have some good news for you if you’re looking for the latter – the ONLY way your law firm will ever get to where you want it to be is if you use a legal case management software. It will not only keep you more organized, it will instantly double your productivity making you and your partners, lawyers, attorneys, and paralegals excessively more productive and organized. Imagine being able to quickly look into any case at anytime and pull up any information you ever wanted to know instantly in the click of a button. You will have complete access to every document, phone call, history, note, or email from any device and anywhere in the world (including inside the court room if needed).

There is one particular software that seems to stand out from the crowd and that’s PracticePanther’s legal case management software.

Top legal case management software features

  1. Time tracking – You need to keep track of how much time is spent on each client AND each case. You need this because you want to know how much time is spent (or wasted) with every clientele. This way you can know how much money you actually made! Wouldn’t it be great to know if this client was actually profitable or not? So many lawyers charge for their time but then never accurately track how much is spent. Crazy as it seems, it happens every day in countless firms across the world.
  2. Quotes – You need a quick and easy way to quote your clients and send them a proposal before you “get into bed” with them so to speak (or do business with them). There are countless clients that don’t pay their attorney after the case is over since they did not expect such extraordinarily high rates that all of a sudden skyrocketed.
  3. Invoicing – When it’s time to actually invoice your clients for the work you and your colleagues did, you can use the invoicing part of the software or convert one of your pre-existing quotes into an invoice! The neatest feature is that you can also see WHEN they viewed your invoice. How neat?!
  4. Billing – The last part of the invoicing cycle is when you email them the invoice and they can pay you by cash, check, credit card, wire transfer, or even take money from the trust account that you accepted as a retainer payment. All of this can be recorded in PracticePanther.
  5. Security – Definitely something you should always look into and make sure everything is encrypted so no one can get access. You don’t have to worry about this feature here however as everything is encrypted by a 128-bit military grade encryption which is the same standards used by the military as well as most online banking websites. Nice!

I highly recommend taking a tour to see all the features they have that can help you grow your business. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If you happen to see life and business transforming results, we would love to know about it so please share your thoughts in the comment section or shoot us an email.